SOS is used to quickly let you friends and family, known as protectors, know you are in urgent need of assistance.

When SOS is activated on a Care Go device, all connected protectors are immediately notified on their phones that you require help and your realtime location i shared with them.

Directly from within the app on their phones, they have the option to get directions to you location via Maps navigation on iPhones and Google Maps navigation on Android devices. They also have the option to call you directly from within the app.

SOS should only be activated in real emergencies and action should therefore be taken immediately when receiving a SOS alarm as a protector.


How to activate SOS

  1. Pull the top and bottom part of Care Go apart.

SOS requests will immediate be sent to all connected protectors and the realtime location of the Care Go will be shared.


How to de-activate SOS

  1. Slide the [Stop Alarm] slider in the Care Go™ app.

All connected protectors will be notified that the emergency is over and that you no longer require their assistance and location data will no longer be shared.


Care Go SOS


Learn how to react to SOS