When Follow Me mode is activated on a Care Go you are protector for, you will instantly be notified. 

On iPhone you will receive a critical notification, which means that your phone will sound even if its in silent mode. On Android you will receive a standard push notification, which will only sound if your phone is not muted.

In both cases the notification will ask for your immediate action to assist.  

SOS should only be used in real emergencies and it is therefore important that you take action and try to assist the best you can. However, never put yourself in danger assisting others. Quickly evaluate the situation and call the authorities such as police or medical professionals if required.

Tap on the notification to go directly to the device details screen. Here you will be able to see the location of the device and follow its live movement on the map.

Tap Directions Icon to get directions to the location of the Care Go. This will open Maps on iOS and Google Maps on Android, providing you with detailed navigation instructions.

Tap Call Icon to call the owner of the Care Go’s phone directly from the app.

Tap Log Icon to view a detailed log of the Care Go’s Follow Me and SOS activations.