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The Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm is the best way to secure your home and family against intruders, fire, flood and so much more. 

This alarm kit includes everything you need to get started securing your home and on top, it will save you a lot of money compared to buying the components individually. 

The Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm is not just a traditional home security system, it is build from the ground up to be a lot more. The system offers everything you have come to expect from a premium alarm system, as well as smart home features such as lighting control, integration with Siri® and much, much more.

The innovation and attention to detail continues under the hood of the system, were patented technology breaks industry limitations, by providing sensors and accessories with extreme signal range allowing you to place them further away from the hub then every before. 

Fast & Easy Setup | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

Fast & Easy Setup

Everything you need to get started is in the box and even with no technical skill you will have the system up and running in just a few minutes. Plug in the hub, follow the 1 minute setup in the app and mount the sensors with the included installation kits. It’s really that simple.

No Contracts or Subscription Fees

Our system comes with no long-term contracts and no subscription fees of any kind. You simply pay for the products you want and that’s it. Just as it should be.

Optional cloud storage and additional features for our video cameras are available, but not required for use.

Military Grade Security | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

Military Grade Security

Our security system is designed with security at its core and our server infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform™ to keep both data in transit and rest secure at all times.

All communication between your system and our EU based servers is end to end encoded, using our proprietary Bidirectional Dynamic Multi-factor Encryption technology also know as BDMF, as well as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and all data locally stored on your devices are protected with AES 256-Bit Encryption + Salt.

Designed with GDPR Compliant Privacy | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

Designed with GDPR Compliant Privacy

Your privacy matters to us. At Alphahōm® we are GDPR compliant in every aspect of our interaction with you. When you use our app, browsing our website or talking to one of our customer agents, you can rest assured we keep your data private, secure and in your control.

Backup Upon Backup

A home security system is absolutely worthless if it doesn’t react in the very moment it needs to. That is why our alarm comes with not one backup system, but two.

If the power goes, be it due to a power outage in your area or even tamper, the system will automatically switch to run on its built-in backup battery and immediately notify you.

Should your internet connection fail, you have the option to insert a SIM card in the system hub and if so, it will automatically reconnect to the internet using that. Read more about SIM requirements here.

Unlimited Expansion

You will find no limitations on how many sensors and accessories you can connect to the home security system. Customize it as you see fit and expand your system at your own pace.

Automatic Updates

We constantly work on new features for the Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm and your system will automatically receive all new feature updates for free. Your system will also automatically receive all firmware and security updates. All without you having to do a thing.

Extreme Range | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

Extreme Range

With our patented signal range enhancement technology, our home security system offers extreme range between connected sensor, accessories and the hub. A range of up to 1.000 meters, yes that's 1 kilometer or about 3,300 feet, leaves you with no need for range extenders as you will with other security systems.

Works with Siri® | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

Works with Siri®

“Hey Siri, Arm”… Ask Siri to arm, disarm or home arm your alarm. Our system uses Siri Shortcuts to connect to your Apple® devices. Use your voice to control the system or create your own automations. Only your imagination is the limit.

QR Connect

The time of manually entering device IDs or fiddling around with so-called learning modes are gone. To add a new sensor or accessory, you simply point your phones camera at the QR code printed on the device. Completely eliminating the risk of signal interference and it only takes a second. That’s QR Connect.

Designed To Blend In

From the hub to sensors and accessories, they are all designed with discretion in mind. We are well aware of the fact that you would probably rather not have to put up sensors around your home. That’s why we have designed all of them to be as discreet as possible, using small sizes and white color to have them blend in.

Protects Against Intruders & Emergency

Our home security system doesn’t just protect against intruders, the available sensors and accessories allows you to protect you family and home against emergency such as fire and flood as well. 

On top of this, the SOS emergency call lets you alert your friends, family and neighbors in an instant, in case of sudden illness or other emergency and Care Mode makes it easy for you to keep an eye out for the elderly, disabled and sick members of your family.

Care Mode for elderly, disabled or sick loved ones | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

Care Mode

Care Mode helps to keep an eye our for your elderly, disabled or sick loved ones. By takings advantage of your existing sensors, your security system will be able to alert you if no sign of activity is registered within a certain amount of time.

Learn more about Care Mode here

Forgot to close a window or door?

Forgetting to close a window or door when you leave, definitely doesn’t improve the security of your home and yet we have all done it. To prevent this all contact sensors will let you know if the window or door they are installed on, is open or closed in real-time. 

The system will even warn you if you try to leave the house and a window or door is still open.

Smart Lighting Control

Add smart light bulbs and smart electrical plugs to your system and get complete control of your home lighting directly from the app. Turn the light on and off, setup timed automations, dim it and switch between millions of colors. 

You can even have your lights follow the status the alarm system, allowing the lights to turn on be turned on when the alarm goes off or just a few lamps to stay on when you leave the house to make it look lige your are still home. 

Video Surveillance

Add crystal clear HD video surveillance to your security system. The indoor and out door camera lets you keep track on what’s going on back home and makes sure you always have detailed video recording at hand, should you need it for the police, insurance company or simply to satisfy your own curiosity.

Sensor Monitoring

Connected sensors and accessories are constantly monitored by the hub. If the hub doesn’t receive the expected “heart-beat” signal from a sensor you will be notified right away, allowing you to easily fix the issue.

The sensor monitoring feature also provides you with real-time status of devices battery levels, tamper status, etc.

Long Battery Life 

Most of our sensors offers really long battery life of up to 5 years and as we don’t expect you to remember that long, they will remind you when it’s time to replace their batteries.

A few sensor and accessories have shorter battery life, but they will also notify you when your need to charge or replace the battery.

Low Battery Notifications

What good is an electronic device without power? Even though our sensors and accessories offers really long battery life, they still end up needing their batteries replaced at some point. Luckily you don’t need to remember to do this, as the system will notify you when a sensor needs its battery replaced.

Stay in Control Wherever You Are

We include both keypad, key fob and key tags for those who prefer the more analog way of controlling the alarm system, but you can control and check up on your system no matter where you are in the world directly from the app.

Unlimited Users

You are not limited in the number of users you can add to your home security system and it doesn’t cost anything to add more. 

If you prefer some people not to have access to your home security system, but still want them to be alerted if something is wrong, you can easily add them as alarm receives and they will get notified via SMS text message only if the alarm goes off.

User Authorization Level Management

To make sure you have complete control of your alarm system, you can manage the authority level of other users. Use this to specify exactly what features and settings they can edit and use.


In the Box
1 x Hub (LAN, Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE) with built-in backup battery and siren
1 x Keypad
1 x Key Fob
2 x Key Tags
2 x Contact Sensors
2 x Motion Sensor
1 x Power Supply for the hub
1 x Charger / Power Supply for the Key Pad
1 x Ethernet Cable (1 m or 3.3 feet)
1 x User Manual
1 x Installation Kit
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