Wireless Security Camera

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Alphahōm® Wireless Security Camera is battery powered and completely wireless, allowing you to install it anywhere you want, indoor and outdoor. 

It’s on-device processing ensures you will only be notified when it actually matters and its high-capacity battery will ensure it will work up to 6 months between recharges. 

Outdoor and Indoor

We wanted the camera to be usable everywhere, inside and outside and built it from the ground up to be both water and dust resistant, allowing it to look after your family and home from anywhere on your property.

No strings attached

When we call it a wireless security camera, we mean it. The camera is powered by its built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery which makes it completely free of wires and cables and lets you place it wherever you want.

Looooong battery life

Charging stuff isn’t a whole lot of fun. Trust us, we don’t like it either and that’s why we have optimized every aspect of our camera to be as energy efficient as possible, giving you up to 6 months operation between charges.

Weather resistant 

Use the camera indoor or outdoor. It is battery-powered and weather resistant and can be placed almost anywhere you want without 

Easy and quick installation

As the camera is battery-powered and needs no cables whatsoever, it is very easy to install. If you want your camera on a wall, simply screw the magnetic base on to the desired spot and place the camera on it. On a table or shelf it is even simpler, just place the magnetic base on the surface and place the camera on top of it. 

Get notified, when it actually matters

The camera intelligently processes what it sees and notifies you when it actually matters. The on-device processing drastically reduces false notifications triggered by trees waving in winds, moving shadows, etc. giving you a heads up only when there is actually something to see.

Adapts to your home. 

Have the camera watch your driveway, backyard, living room or the kid’s bedroom. The camera works just as well indoors as it does outdoors and the magnetic ball mount attaches both on the backside of the camera and on the bottom of it, allowing you to place or mount your camera wherever it makes the most sense for you. On the wall, a shelf or almost anything else.

Talk through the camera

Just got a notification of the delivery guy in your driveway. Talk through the camera and let him know where to place the parcel. 

Critical Alerts on iOS®

The camera will inform you about any events in real time via notifications on your phone, but if you use an iPhone® you can even have it use critical notifications, which will alert you even if your phone is muted.

Local storage

Insert a microSD™ memory card in the camera and save automatically save the recordings locally. You can access and watch the recordings directly on your phone at any time.

Works as by itself and integrates with your home security system

Use the camera on its own or match it with the Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm for even more features. Have the camera automatically follow the state of your security system and have it turn off when you are home.

In the Box
1 x Wireless Security Camera
1 x Magnetic Base
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Installation Kit