Smart Bulb Color

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Our smart bulb converts your regular lamps into colourful smart lights that integrates directly with your home security system. 

Set the bulb to normal white light and adjust the colour temperature to give the perfect lighting for whatever you do. A brighter and colder light for working at home and a warm cozy light when spending the evening with the family. 

When you feel a bit more on the wild side, you can also set the bulb to every color imaginable, with more than 16 million colors to choose from, we are certain you will find one that suits you mood or takes your social events to the next level.

You can control your smart bulbs directly from the app, set it to follow the alarm system state or set you own schedules for when they turn on and off.  You can even have all of your smart bulbs turn red (or any other color) if the alarm goes off.