Outdoor Siren

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Let any intruder know that your home is protected with our outdoor siren.

If the intruder should be stupid enough to try his luck anyway, this siren will scare the pants off him, with its extreme loudness and vigorous flashing.

The sound coming from the outdoor siren is at 115 dB, which translate to being even louder than a live rock concert and just less than a turbo-fan aircraft taking off. 

Our outdoor siren has two main functions. Its a really great and documented preventive measure in avoiding intruders all together, as it clearly signals your home is alarm protected and it will warn both you and your neighbors if something should happen.

The outdoor siren is completely wireless allowing you to easily install it on the outside of your home, without having to have a power outlet nearby. We know it’s a hassel to get it back down to charge and that’s why its rechargeable battery will keep it in standby for a staggering 5 years. When it’s finally time to recharge its battery, it will automatically remind you.