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Even with the many ways of controlling our security system, the keypad is for many still the main way of doing so on a daily basis. Installing it next to the front door adults and kids alike have easy access when leaving the house or coming back home.

From the keypad you can arm, disarm and home arm the system, using a 4 digit PIN of your choosing. The keypad also features a built-in key tag reader, allowing younger kids to simply hold the key tag against the keypad and the state of the alarm will change accordingly. If it’s armed, using the tag will disarm it and the other way around.

The current state of the alarm system is clearly shown by the keypad’s status light bar. This will change its color to green if the system is disarmed, red if it’s armed and blue if it’s in home arm state.

The keypad’s rechargeable battery makes it possible to install it on any wall, with no need to worry about having a power outlet nearby. On battery it will work for about 6 month with an average of 5 daily uses before having to be recharged. If you don’t want to bother with charging the keypad though, you can simply have it stay connected to the included power supply.