Indoor Camera

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Our indoor camera records in crisp Full HD resolution and will automatically switch to infrared vision when it’s dark, to ensure you get detailed high quality recordings all the time.

Watch through the camera in real-time using the live view function in the app. You can do this from anywhere, as long as your phone is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Indoor camera video notification | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

When you enable motion detection on the camera, you will get a 15 second video clip of what’s going on, when it’s triggered. You can quickly watch the video clip or start a live view right from your phone, by simply tapping the notification you just received.

If you insert a microSD card in the camera, you will be able to have it record 24/7 and automatically save the recordings in a continuous loop, which ensure you always have the latest 5-14 days* of recordings at hand.

Both motion detection and continuous recordings can be set to only be enabled during certain hours of the day and motion detection can even be set to follow the state of your alarm system as well, giving you the option to only have it on when you are at work or at sleep, etc. 

Right now, our cameras come with free cloud backup until September 30th 2021. After this date cloud backup will become a paid optional service.

Adding video surveillance to your home security system is really easy and it comes with many more advantages than you might think.

Video documentation of an intruder will help both police and your insurance company to help you better and more efficient. Statistics show that in cases with high quality video recordings, police are more likely to actually arrest the burglar than in cases without video documentation and insurance companies will typically be able to process your claim both faster and in some cases with a better financial outcome for you.

At the same time getting the intruder on video will also help satisfy your own natural curiosity and help you learn how the intruder got in, allowing you to secure the entry point better and decrease the risk of it happening again.

This video security camera is for indoor use only, for outdoor surveillance check out our outdoor camera here.


*The actual number of days worth of recordings, will depend on the capacity of the microSD card you use (up to 128 GB) and if you choose to have it record in the default 1080p HD resolution or in a lower resolution. You can easily access the recordings directly from the app, whenever you want.