Care Go™ Features

Alert them all. Not just one.

Mobile phones has changed our lives for good and helps us in so many different ways every day. They even help us increase security when we are on the move, by making us able to reach out to others, no matter where we are.

Care Go™ doesn't do anything new in this regard. However, when it comes to personal safety and security, it simply does it better.

Instead of having to reach for your phone, dial the number (if you can even remember it during the stressful moments of an emergency), waiting to be connected, explaining what’s going on and where you are (again, how often do we actually know the exact address of our location when we are out?). Care Go not only completely automates this process, but it does it in a flash, notifying all the people you want at the exact same time.

With Care Go™ you can alert as many people as you want in real-time. Simply pull Care Go™ and it's done.


You don't need to know where you are. Care Go™ does.

How often do you know where you are? Like, the exact address of your location. Sure, we know when visiting friends and family, but what about when we are out for a walk or run, or even shopping in the local mall?

The truth is that more often than not, we don’t know the address of the place we are at, making it almost impossible to inform people of our whereabouts in an emergency.

When activating SOS on Care Go™ your exact GPS location will instantly be shared with  the people you chose. Their phones will sound loudly even when muted to guarantee you get their attention and you location will be displayed visually on a map on their phones, allowing them to easily assist you if necessary.



Gets their attention like nothing else.


Calling someone to get their help can be very effective, but what if they don’t hear you call because their phone is on mute?


Care Go™ solves this by utilising the iOS® exclusive critical alert feature, which means that alarm notifications sent from Care Go™ will always sound the receivers phone, no matter if it's muted in silent mode.


This way you always know that you request for assistance is heard, giving you the absolute best chance of getting the assistance you need.