Introducing Care Mode

Introducing Care Mode

Much has happened in the past century. We live longer and healthier lives and the ones among us with disabilities or chronic decease are more likely to be able to live fully without constant aid from those around them.

One thing though, that has not changed a lot is the constant guilt many of us feel when our daily lives prevents us from visiting our parents, grandparents or disabled family members as often as we would like to.

The thought of something should happen to them while we are not there, is a difficult one and this is why we now introduce Care Mode to the Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm system. A feature especially useful in the homes of elderly, disabled or sick people.

Care Mode takes advantage of your existing sensors and don’t require you to purchase or add any new hardware to the system. When the alarm is either disarmed or in Home Arm state, it will use your contact sensors and motion sensors to determine if there is activity in the house. 

You set a timeframe within which you will allow no activity to be registered. If this period is exceeded, the alarm will go off and it will notify both you and everybody else you have added to the system. It will also start sounding both the hub’s build in siren and any external ones you might have connected. 

Set a timeframe for Care Mode | Alphahōm® Home Security Alarm

This way you can easily transform the security system in, let’s say, your parents house, into a monitoring system as well, warning you if they for some reason don’t get up in the morning or have fallen without being able to get up.

Care Mode is available for all users for free and can be activated already today directly in the Alphahōm® Alarm app.

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